About EVIG

A passion for
watches made
for eternity.

EVIG [ˈeːʋi] is the danish
word for eternal.

We believe that timepieces should live through at least generations, but ideally through eternity. With EVIG we help turn this into reality.

As time goes by, the love for vintage watches continues to grow. These timepieces are more than just watches: They are historical artifacts that tell incredible stories. Vintage watches are a part of a rich history of watchmaking, and their beauty and craftsmanship are what makes them so special.

Many people who collect vintage watches are fascinated with the stories behind them. A vintage watch can be a link to the past, telling the story of the person who wore it and the time in which it was created. Each watch has a unique story to tell, and collectors are drawn to them because of the memories they carry.

But there is nothing wrong when buying a new watch and giving a character to it by wearing and loving it. It will get scratches and patina, but this is totally fine, because it is getting your watch in the process.

Our ultimate goal is to sell watches that we would buy ourselves. Our demand on a watch that we buy is therefore the minimum of quality that we want to achieve for our customers and this is what we stand for.