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Omega Seamaster Professional 300 SMPc Full Set 2020

First cut is the deepest - This beautiful Seamaster has already been registered, but thus the pain of the first produced quirks has also been taken away from you. The dial is a dream and the watch wears just perfect - The new Seamaster pleases!




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The watch is from 09/2020 and comes in a fullset. Accordingly, there is warranty until 09/2025. The watch has light wear marks on the clasp. There are two deeper marks. One is at about 10 o'clock on the horn between the satin and polished surfaces and another is on the horn at 5 o'clock on the right edge between the satin and polished surfaces - As always, it looks worse in the macro pictures than it is. Especially the first quirk is not noticeable in daily wear and the second quirk is not noticeable either. There is a mark on the bezel and on one horn in the pictures, unfortunately I did not see this. Technically there are no problems, the watch runs flawlessly. You will receive 2.5 links with the watch, the watch is currently set for 18.5 cm and fits perfectly. Otherwise you will receive the 3 cards in the holder, the manual, the box, the pouch and the outer box.


42 mm




Cal 8800


Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


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